Our strategy is built on creative thinking and future visions that oversee the sought-after real estate development in the Kingdom. We are also seeking to cement a renewable, developmental real estate philosophy in a professional manner to meet the requirements of our partners. Our message is:

"To create opportunities and provide innovative solutions to maximize our revenues in a stimulating business environment".

Objectives :

  1. Ideal utilization of the assets to make the highest returns.
  2. Invest in real estate projects in a creative and contemporary thinking.
  3. Streamline our internal processes effectively to reach institutional distinction.
  4. Create a work environment that encourages creativity.


Park Inn Makkah 

Modern comfort and traditional hospitality in Makkah

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Sulaiman A. Al-Rajhi Real Estate Investments
P.O. Box 14022, Riyadh 11424
Saudi Arabia
T :+966 (11) 2440303, F :+966 (11) 4716168
Email: info@alrajhiinvestments.com